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Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

United Way of Franklin County is a local organization focusing on Education, Health and Financial Stability as the building blocks of quality of life in our community. All decisions are made by local staff and volunteers who live and work in our community. We are working to strengthen programs in Franklin County that connect children with positive role models and teach life skills, as well as services that provide families with better access to healthcare,education and financial stability.

We provide volunteer support, funding, advocacy and other resources to strengthen non-profit services in Franklin County. We serve as the catalyst to bring Education, Financial Stability, and Health resources to the Franklin County community. The United Way Worldwide is focusing on Education, Income, and Health to advance the common good by supporting local organizations. United Way of Franklin County is proud to be certified as a member of United Way Worldwide.


Helping children achieve their potential...

When a child succeeds in school, everyone wins. That is why the United Way works with local organizations to achieve school readiness, academic achievement, and productive and engaged young adults. We work with programs that provide good role models, mentor-ship, education, inclusion, and healthy activities for children in Franklin County so that our children can gain the confidence and skill to be future leaders in our community.


Improving people’s health...

Prevention can be better than finding a cure. The United Way values advancing the common good by supporting programs to help people stay healthy. Programs focus on access to care, improving health, physical activity, nutrition, and emotional health. Our goal is to break attitudes and patterns that disrupt the health of our community and promote healthy families.


Promoting financial stability and independence....

United Way of Franklin County helps build self sufficiency by providing access to child care and assistance, as well as adult and family literacy programs. We also support programs that provide access to work and activity for people with barriers to employment so that they and their families can reach their potential. Our goal is to help families become financially stable and build resources.

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