"I don't know what we would do without BOPIC."

Daniel is one of a family of six: mom and dad, a baby brother, an aunt (one year older than Daniel) and an older brother. Daniel's aunt and brother were already participants of BOPIC’s summer program. When Daniel turned four, it was finally his turn to join the “big kids”. Unfortunately, the first few weeks didn’t work out as planned. Daniel had behavior problems and difficulty staying on task. The teachers worked diligently with him, but finally had to ask Mom to keep him home until next year. For the next few weeks, Daniel came with his mother to drop off the other two children every day.

As this continued, one of the teachers noticed how sad he was. She invited him to join her class for the last week of the summer session. The staff still talks about the smile on his face when he was told that he could come back with the other children, and his week was a memorable one.

The next year, Daniel’s brother and aunt began their third year at BOPIC – with Daniel. The teachers were so happy to see him and noticed such a difference in his maturity level after just one year. And he was proud to be there. There are those who believe Build Our Pride in Chambersburg should really be called Build Our Pride in Children, because that’s what the agency does.

But BOPIC affects more than just the children who attend. In Daniel’s case, Mom and dad are farm workers, and BOPIC is the only free educational summer program she knows of that is available to her children.

“I don't know what we would do without BOPIC,” she noted.

Mom didn’t know about the financial support United Way provided for the BOPIC Program, but she knew that the family may not be able to make it without BOPIC. Thanks to BOPIC’s staff, she now understands the support that United Way gives to keep her children healthy and strengthen their education while she and her husband go to work to keep the family financially stable.