We are providing financial support to more than 30 programs across Franklin County.

Admissions and Campaign

It is the role of United Way to serve as a steward of voluntary contributions for the community. United Way of Franklin County is committed to establishing minimum standards for agencies participating. Adherence to these standards helps ensure that charitable funds are used effectively to support services in Franklin County. Our funding of programs begins in January and runs through December of each year.
Our Annual Campaign runs from September through the end of the year, as a massive community effort that combines the giving of individuals and companies throughout our county. The dollars we raise work together to help us fund a network of services that keep the community strong.


Any agencies or organizations applying for membership should offer human service programs to residents of Franklin County. Organizations with a primary focus that is political, religious, environmental, or in support of the arts are not appropriate. Public and Private schools are excluded.


Partner Agencies Membership is nonprofit 501(c)3 health and human service organizations located in Franklin County that provide needed programs which rely upon appeals to the public for financial support. Applicants should be independent, viable, functioning organizations in their own right which seek a long term relationship with United Way of Franklin County.


Please download our PDF for the specific criteria needed to be a successful candidate. admission_criteria_img